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The First & Most Advanced E-Notifications System

Pings™ delivers Real-Time Care Intelligence™ at the point of care, breaking down communication barriers and enabling caregivers to provide the right care at the right time.

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Deliver More Complete Care

The vast silos of data in healthcare continue to create problems in access, analysis and creation of real-time clinical decision support.

Pings provides real-time notifications of patient care transitions among hospitals, emergency rooms and post-acute facilities. Using admission, discharge and transfer (ADT) data, Pings provides clinical support and visibility into patient events, helping healthcare professionals improve outcomes, reduce total cost of care and succeed in value-based care programs.

Key Benefits

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Access Real-Time Intelligence Where You Need It Most

Integrated within electronic health record (EHR) and other clinical systems or used natively through web and mobile interfaces, Pings is available when and where it’s needed most – directly within existing workflows, enabling care teams to be more informed, create meaningful patient discussions and improve patient satisfaction and outcomes.

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Maximize Care Coordination

Pings connects the previously disconnected members of a patient’s care team in real time, providing valuable visibility and enabling a more collaborative approach to care focused on patient safety.

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Drive Revenue & Boost Value-Based Care Initiatives

Pings’ real-time e-notifications drive improvements in financial performance by helping to reduce costly emergency department over-utilization, post-acute lengths-of-stay and unnecessary readmissions.

Leaders in Real-Time Care Intelligence™

Our Impact

Pings e-notification system helps providers across the continuum of care make more informed decisions when they matter most. Better care decisions drive improved outcomes and cost savings.

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  • 250%

    increase in post-discharge visit completions at Landmark Health

  • $681,000

    received by reducing length of stay at Houston Methodist

  • 50%

    decrease in 30-day inpatient readmissions at The Mass League

  • 67%

    more patients contacted for SNF transitions of care follow-ups at Eagle Physicians & Associates

Success Stories

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Landmark Health: Improving Post-Discharge Visit Completion Rate by 250% with Bamboo Health

Before Bamboo Health, Landmark at times did not find out about patients’ care events until 8-10 days after they occurred, if at all. Consequently, Landmark could not ensure that post-discharge follow ups were scheduled within 7 days. With Bamboo’s real-time data, Landmark has been able to connect with difficult-to-reach and previously non-engaged members, prevent unnecessary admissions and readmissions, and support its clients’ value-based care and quality initiatives.

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Houston Methodist West Hospital

Houston Methodist: Reducing Length of Stay with Bamboo Health Generated $680k in Savings in First Year

“Bamboo Health has opened our eyes to the PAC world,” said Janice Finder, Director of Population Health, Houston Methodist Coordinated Care. “We can now see the trends of where our patients are going and ensure process improvement, intervene on care events, and receive more insights on our patients.”

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Cedar View: Using Real-Time Patient Insights to Improve Continuity of Care

Prior to implementing Bamboo Health, Cedar View reviewed hospital discharge summaries upon patient admission and relied on patient or family memory to determine encounter history. External Care Managers would sometimes be able to help them piece the history together, but consistently obtaining accurate information proved challenging. Once discharged, Cedar View had virtually no insight into that patient’s movement or other care encounters.

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