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Regulatory Compliant Data-Sharing & E-Notifications

Route ensures electronic patient event notifications are processed in a secure and compliant manner to alleviate regulatory and data-sharing burdens.

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Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Sending patient notifications that are compliant with the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Rule is highly regulated, tedious and time-consuming.

Trusted by the nation’s leading hospitals, health systems, skilled nursing facilities and provider organizations, Route manages complexities such as executing data sharing agreements, tracking patient-provider attribution and delivering e-notifications to requesting post-acute and primary care providers and entities, alleviating regulatory and data-sharing burdens and guaranteeing compliance.

Key Benefits

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Ease Provider Burdens

Spending less time on administrative tasks related to e-notifications enables more efficient use of personnel resources.

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Maximize Care Coordination

Timely e-notifications helps improve communication among providers and ensures a more coordinated approach to care.

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Our Impact

Route delivers CoP-compliant e-notifications to healthcare professionals at hospitals, ACOs and post-acute facilities to alleviate administrative burdens and help organizations deliver better outcomes.

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