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Discharge Summaries

Crucial Insights During Patient Transitions

Discharge Summaries from Bamboo Health provides seamless access to the most diverse interoperability framework, ensuring timely and appropriate care post-discharge.

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Enhance Interoperability and Pursue Timely Follow-Up for Patients

Many providers and patients face communication challenges and gaps in care when a patient transitions from hospitals to other levels of care. This can lead to gaps in care that create care delays, treatment errors, unnecessary procedures and possible readmissions. Discharge Summaries alleviates this problem with reliable and timely patient context accessible in Bamboo Health’s existing nationwide Pings workflow.

Key Benefits

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Optimize Clinician Time with a Seamless, Unified Platform

Care coordinators receive notifications seamlessly in the Pings workflow, with clear flags upon availability to avoid the detective work and phone calls needed to manually track down missing patient discharge information. With an extracted view of actionable insights, clinicians are empowered with all the necessary information in a way that works best for them, while the full details are also available in a PDF or XML format.

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Reduce Readmissions with Complete Clinical Context

Empower care coordinators with complete clinical context, including discharge notifications, to improve transitional care management follow-ups. By facilitating the early capture of essential details, the solution minimizes avoidable emergency department visits and readmissions.

discharge summaries screen with doctor reading a tablet

Leverage Unmatched Network Scale

Discharge Summaries are available nationwide from the largest interoperability network, agnostic of discharging facilities’ Electronic Health Record. 

Leaders in Real-Time Care Intelligence™

Our Impact

Bamboo Health helps providers across the continuum of care make more informed decisions when they matter most, increasing access to care, enhancing patient safety and improving health equity.

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  • 250%

    increase in post-discharge visit completions at Landmark Health

  • $681,000

    received by reducing length of stay at Houston Methodist

  • 50%

    decrease in 30-day inpatient readmissions at The Mass League

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