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Welcome to Bamboo Health, formerly Appriss Health + PatientPing.

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A Behavioral Health Network that Provides Connected, Coordinated Care

OpenBeds is a provider-facing behavioral health solution for health systems, health plans, and state governments. OpenBeds creates trusted, coordinated care treatment networks—improving provider support and care delivery to patients in need. With today’s prevalence of behavioral health issues, it has become a necessary tool to track bed availability and ensure quick patient referrals to the right behavioral health facilities.

For providers, OpenBeds replaces inefficient manual search and reporting functions. It facilitates rapid digital referrals and transfers, and fosters collaboration among medical and mental health providers, criminal justice organizations, homeless services, crisis lines, 2-1-1, social services, and substance use disorder (SUD) treatment programs—closing the loop on care.



One Application to Refer, Share, and Communicate

With OpenBeds, gone are the days of a painful, manual referral and communication process. Now, providers in primary care, the emergency department and other stakeholders in the crisis management process can know where beds are available throughout the state and who those beds can accommodate. And they can easily refer individuals and help coordinate care for the receiving facilities.

  • Real-Time Bed Inventory
  • Easy Referral Process
  • Reporting on Usage and Referral Patterns
  • Integration with PDMP Data



Streamline the Behavioral Health Treatment Referral Process

Quick, Easy Treatment Referrals

With a real-time inventory of inpatient and outpatient treatment providers, referring clinicians and care teams at hospitals and other facilities can find beds and get patients into treatment sooner.

A Better Understanding of Utilization and Referral Patterns

Our analytics allow you to track utilization and referral patterns at the organizational, regional, and state levels to identify service gaps, inform policy, and make more cost-effective use of resources.

Ability to Assess a Patient’s Needs

By utilizing a validated decision support self-assessment tool, you can ensure individuals are referred to the appropriate level of care.

Improved Patient Outcomes

With a clear view of appropriate bed availability and the ability to digitally refer patients and arrange for transportation quickly, better initial care of underlying issues and long-term outcomes are possible.

Access to Social Services

With our vast network and real-time availability data, providers can refer to the right social services to facilitate and support treatment.

Increased Clinical Efficiency

When hospitals can assign patients to beds quickly and accurately, clinical efficiency increases, enabling staff to spend less time searching for available beds and more time caring for patients. OpenBeds is also interoperable with your electronic health record (EHR) and/or NarxCare prescription drug monitoring tool, resulting in convenience and time savings.

Compliance with HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2

The OpenBeds system is fully compliant with all laws and requirements regarding security and confidentiality.

Ability to Scale

Thanks to our focus on adaptability of the system’s interface and existing workflows and protocols, you can easily scale up as your network of contacts and facilities grows.


Bamboo Health operates entirely within the privacy and security requirements set forth with HIPAA, including the encryption of all data in transit and at rest. OpenBeds is also HITRUST CSF® Certified, meeting industry-defined standards when it comes to managing risk.

Why do hospitals need software to find beds and refer patients to behavioral health treatment?

Hospitals face major challenges around bed management and referring patients to behavioral health facilities.

Poor Visibility: Hospitals often lack clear connections to behavioral health facilities, making it difficult to determine where beds are available. Care providers must often cycle through facilities to find locations that offer appropriate care and have an open bed. This can be a major, hours-long administrative burden.

Bottlenecks: When patients are unable to move to a behavioral health facility in a timely manner, they may end up staying in the hospital for longer than intended. These prolonged stays can overextend hospital resources and decrease the quality of care for all patients.

Data Silos: Without a hospital bed capacity management and referral system connecting hospitals with behavioral health treatment facilities, data silos can occur, leaving healthcare facilities with murky performance data and an inability to improve and effectively coordinate patient care.

Public-Facing Treatment Connection

Through OpenBeds, Treatment Connection can be made available to the community at large. It is an evidence-based assessment and referral site which enables those seeking mental health and SUD treatment, or their loved ones, to find nearby, state-vetted treatment providers, evaluate the type of care they need, and submit anonymous or non-anonymous referral inquiries to providers.

Treatment Connection features the Addiction Treatment Needs Assessment, which includes 13 consumer-friendly questions developed with the American Society of Addiction Medicine. The assessment is used to assess the risk and severity of a person’s addiction to provide guidance on the most appropriate level of care.


Learn About OpenBeds Modules

Expedite access to assessment and treatment for those in behavioral health and SUD crisis, and track their journey from call to treatment.

Crisis Management System

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Enable those seeking mental health and SUD treatment, or their loved ones, to find nearby, state-vetted treatment providers.

Public-Facing Treatment Connection

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Help providers adhere to CARA requirements and, in turn, ensure the safety and well-being of infants as they recover from substance exposure.

Safe Infant Plan of Care

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Learn how OpenBeds helps expedite patients’ paths to behavioral health treatment.

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