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Behavioral Health Capacity Management and Referral Solution

OpenBeds is a closed-loop referral network that provides real-time information on available treatment resources to speed access to care, foster better collaboration and coordination and improve outcomes.

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Speed Access to Behavioral Health Care

Behavioral health referrals, typically consisting of multiple calls, faxes or emails, are time-consuming, inefficient and frustrating for both patients and providers.

OpenBeds replaces this manual and outdated process by providing one application to refer, share and communicate bed availability. By providing real-time facility availability, two-way digital communication, data analytics and clinical decision support, OpenBeds helps providers get patients the care they need, sooner.

Key Benefits

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Optimize Care Coordination

OpenBeds’ real-time intelligence on available resources helps care givers quickly find the right resources and facilities for patients and ensures proper communication amongst the care team.

Utilize Open Resources

With more complete knowledge on the part of referring providers, receiving providers can appropriately fill more of their available beds and treatment slots.

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Improve Patient Outcomes

Real-time access to available resources reduces patient wait times for behavioral health treatment, improves clinical outcomes and promotes patient flow.

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Our Impact

OpenBeds helps providers across healthcare improve care coordination, optimize resource management and increase patient outcomes.

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  • 80%

    faster than traditional referral processes

  • 66%

    referrals responded to within 30 minutes

  • 145k

    integrated healthcare facilities

Success Stories

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Helping States with Behavioral Health Access and ED Overutilization

Bamboo Health is helping officials and providers improve overall mental health and substance use disorder (SUD) services in their states, including streamlining referrals and shortening wait times by quickly getting patients to the most appropriate level of care. In addition, our solution helps states identify service gaps, effectively target funding, shape policy, evaluate program effectiveness and design and alleviate some of the treatment burden for clinical staff, social workers and other providers.

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Treatment Connection

Treatment Connection

Public-Facing Treatment Connection

Through OpenBeds, Treatment Connection can help providers committed to whole person care help their entire community access life-saving behavioral health services. Treatment Connection enables those seeking mental health and substance use disorder treatment, or their loved ones, to find nearby, state-vetted treatment providers, evaluate the type of care they need, and submit anonymous or non-anonymous referral inquiries to providers.

Treatment Connection features the Addiction Treatment Needs Assessment, which includes 13 consumer-friendly questions developed with the American Society of Addiction Medicine. The assessment is used to assess the risk and severity of a person’s addiction to provide guidance on the most appropriate level of care.

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