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Care Coordination

Our Real-Time Care Intelligence™ solutions facilitate a new level of coordination among providers, payers and states, enabling more informed decision making, improving access to care and driving better health outcomes.

Real-Time Care Intelligence in the Moments that Matter

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  • Pings provides Real-Time Care Intelligence™ and seamless alignment of acute and post-acute networks, including e-notifications, smart flags and rosters.
  • Through admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) data, Pings provides visibility into patient events to improve quality and reduce total cost of care.
  • Maximizes care coordination through discharge notification, rule alignment, extended partner and care team contacts.
  • Drives revenue and value-based care initiatives through lower readmissions and unnecessary admissions.
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  • Rising Risk proactively identifies high-risk patients with rapidly rising care needs, enabling care teams to quickly intervene and provide the prioritization and treatment they need.
  • Engages emerging high-risk patients in real time by considering care events, as well as social determinants of health to drive improved outcomes and cost savings.
  • Drives efficiency and keeps care management teams aligned through robust and expansive workflow functionality.
  • Enables providers to engage hard-to-reach patients through a user-friendly interface and an in-app workflow tool.
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  • Care Gaps helps providers and payers improve care transitions and quality measure performance.
  • Delivers immediate notifications and detailed insights to help providers quickly and easily close gaps in follow-up care.
  • Provides real-time reporting and analytics to foster collaboration between care givers and health plans.
  • Seamlessly integrates into existing workflows to streamline recognition, action and closure of care gaps.
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  • Route ensures electronic patient event notifications are processed in a secure and compliant manner to alleviate regulatory and data-sharing burdens.
  • Manages complexities such as executing data sharing agreements, tracking patient-provider attribution and delivering e-notifications to requesting post-acute and primary care providers and entities.
  • Provides an audit trail of e-notifications and written policies and procedures.
  • Guarantees compliance with CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Rule.
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  • Spotlights is an interactive, real-time dashboard of the high-priority performance metrics that healthcare organizations need most.
  • Enables monitoring of performance trends and identifies improvement opportunities related to care coordination.
  • Highlights metrics around admission, discharge and transfer (ADT), readmission rates and patient outcomes in a user-friendly interface.
  • Improves patient outcomes, boosts the efficiency of organization-wide care coordination efforts and reduces overutilization.
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  • Stories empowers smoother transitions of care by providing relevant patient context at the right time to the right user, within existing workflows.
  • Offers a clear view of a patient’s care delivery timeline, flags high-risk status and displays in- and out-of-network activity to facilitate optimal decision making in the moments that matter.
  • Integrates into existing workflows to streamline efficiency and drive better outcomes.
  • Increases quality and patient satisfaction through improved discharge planning and enhanced collaboration with community partners.
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  • Discharge Summaries optimizes clinician time with a seamless, unified platform.
  • Empowers care coordinators with complete clinical context, including discharge notifications, to improve transitional care management follow-ups.
  • Available nationwide from the largest interoperability network, agnostic of discharging facilities’ Electronic Health Record.
  • By facilitating the early capture of essential details, the solution minimizes avoidable emergency department visits and readmissions.
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Care Coordination Benefits

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Drive Better Outcomes

We deliver visibility into the complete patient journey, providing the transparency and context needed to make the most informed decisions and improve care.

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Ensure Smooth Transitions of Care

We deliver Real-Time Care Intelligence and seamless alignment of acute and post-acute networks to maximize collaboration and continuity of care.

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Ease Provider Burdens

Real-Time Care Intelligence helps alleviate administrative burdens that result from a disconnected system and enables more informed decision making, increased productivity and better use of available resources.

Leaders in Real-Time Care Intelligence™

Our Impact

Bamboo Health helps providers across the continuum of care make more informed decisions when they matter most, increasing access to care, enhancing patient safety and improving health equity.

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  • 250%

    increase in post-discharge visit completions at Landmark Health

  • $681,000

    received by reducing length of stay at Houston Methodist

  • 50%

    decrease in 30-day inpatient readmissions at The Mass League

Success Stories

Eagle Physicians

Eagle Physicians & Associates: Improving Transitional Care Services with Bamboo Health

Since implementing Bamboo Health, Eagle Physicians’ Centralized Quality Team has contacted 67% more patients for SNF transitions of care follow-ups and experienced a 25% increase in the number of TCM visits that were billed for their THN patients.

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Houston Methodist West Hospital

Houston Methodist: Reducing Length of Stay with Bamboo Health Generated $680k in Savings in First Year

“Bamboo Health has opened our eyes to the PAC world,” said Janice Finder, Director of Population Health, Houston Methodist Coordinated Care. “We can now see the trends of where our patients are going and ensure process improvement, intervene on care events, and receive more insights on our patients.”

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Happy senior man talking with a doctor who is reading medical reports during home visit

Landmark Health: Improving Post-Discharge Visit Completion Rate by 250% with Bamboo Health

Before Bamboo Health, Landmark at times did not find out about patients’ care events until 8-10 days after they occurred, if at all. Consequently, Landmark could not ensure that post-discharge follow ups were scheduled within 7 days. With Bamboo’s real-time data, Landmark has been able to connect with difficult-to-reach and previously non-engaged members, prevent unnecessary admissions and readmissions, and support its clients’ value-based care and quality initiatives.

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