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Since Bamboo is a recent result of Appriss Health’s acquisition of PatientPing, we haven’t had time to move all of our content to one website. For this specific content, we’re sending you to one of our other sites.

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Welcome to Bamboo Health, formerly Appriss Health + PatientPing.

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PMP Gateway

The Direct Connection between PDMPs and EHRs

PMP Gateway makes accessing data and analytics solutions for care team members easy by integrating it directly in the clinical workflows of electronic health records (EHRs), pharmacy management systems, and health information exchanges (HIEs)—saving state health departments money, saving clinicians time, and enhancing patient care.

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Hassle-Free Integration and Implementation

With pre-built connectivity to 500+ EHRs, pharmacy management systems, and HIEs, along with the support of multiple integration protocols to suit your health IT system, integration is now closer to “flipping a switch” and not a tiresome, months-long project. The user-friendly interface and training make implementation and early adoption effortless.

  • Real-Time PDMP Data at the Point-of-Care
  • Automated PDMP Searches
  • One Patient Query in One Location
  • Multi-State PDMP Data
  • Full Transparency into All Transactions


Save up to Four Minutes per Patient Search

The Fastest Access to PDMP Data

Integrated PDMP data directly in the clinical workflows of EHRs, pharmacy management systems, and HIEs means fast access at the point-of-care.

PDMP Data and Medical Records Side-by-Side

Integrations provide users with a comprehensive view of a patient in one place, including their medical records and controlled substance history.

More Focus on the Patient

The convenience and confidence offered by Gateway allows your state’s clinicians to focus their attention on the patient for more personal patient care.

Complete, Multi-State Histories

Interstate data sharing through PMP InterConnect, helps physicians and pharmacists better manage prescribed substances, providing a full view of a patient’s multi-state history.


Bamboo Health operates entirely within the privacy and security requirements set forth with HIPAA, including the encryption of all data in transit and at rest. PMP Gateway is also HITRUST CSF® Certified, meeting industry-defined standards when it comes to managing risk.

Learn how PMP Gateway helps clinicians ensure compliance and spend more time with their patients.

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