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PMP Gateway™

One-Click PDMP Integration

PMP Gateway™ integrates multi-state prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) intelligence into existing clinical workflows, improving access and saving time for care team members.

Seamlessly Integrates into Existing Workflows

Historically, prescribers and pharmacists were tasked with logging into state databases to retrieve controlled substance dispensation information before writing or filling a prescription, consuming valuable time that could be better spent with patients.

PMP Gateway delivers full transparency into prescription drug monitoring program data and analytics by integrating directly into the workflows of 500+ clinical systems including electronic health records, pharmacy management systems and health information exchanges – saving an average of four minutes per patient search, making it easier to comply and improve patient safety.

Key Benefits

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Enhance Care Coordination

Through multi-state prescription drug monitoring program data accessibility, physicians and pharmacists have improved transparency into a patient’s history and needs, allowing for better prescription and dispensation practices.

PDMP Integration in EHR

Alleviate Provider Burdens

Care teams can save time and improve patient safety with access to robust PDMP data, analytics, tools and resources within workflows at the point of care.

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Reduce Controlled Substance Misuse

With an EHR-integrated view of patients’ controlled substance histories, providers can make more informed dispensation decisions to help prevent prescription drug misuse.

Leaders in Real-Time Care Intelligence™

Our Impact

Bamboo Health gives hospitals, provider organizations, pharmacists and state governments the intelligence they need to make safe dispensations and improve patient outcomes.

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  • 500+

    integrations with EHRs, pharmacy management systems and HIEs

  • 1M+

    providers accessing PDMP information in clinical workflows

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    transactions processed per month

Success Stories

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University of Pittsburgh Medical Center: Enabling Provider PDMP Access into Clinical Workflows

“UPMC physicians have come to expect the Bamboo Health PDMP access in the EHR as the norm for managing narcotics,” said Dr. Anthony Fiorillo, Medical Director of Ambulatory Health Record at UPMC. He often shows his patients their PDMP record during visits, sharing, “our monitors are front and center with many patients, and this infuses an element of truth in the conversation about medications.”

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Norton Audubon Hospital

Norton Healthcare: How Kentucky’s Largest Healthcare System Integrated Advanced Technology & Analytics to Address the State’s Opioid Crisis

Norton Healthcare’s Narcotics Matrix Committee works continuously to address and define the organization’s prescribing levels and patterns and identify areas for improvement. Knowing that providing clinicians with access to the right data could impact Norton Healthcare’s overall prescribing levels and improve patient outcomes, the committee prioritized integration of actionable data and analytics into clinical workflows to provide prescribers with necessary data and improve clinical decision-making.

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Marcrom's Pharmacy

Marcrom’s Pharmacy: Using PMP Gateway to Make Compliant Dispensing Fast and Easy

“At Marcrom’s Pharmacy, we have two to three pharmacists here every day, and they each check the system eight to ten times per day,” said Richard Randolph, PharmD. “With the new integration, we spend a quarter of the time versus having to go back and forth between standalone systems. Now, we only spend 15-20 seconds to get something done. Having this data integrated into our workflow has been fabulous!”

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Exterior shot of the Surgical Healing Arts Center

Surgical Healing Arts Center: Improving PDMP Access to Assess Bariatric Surgery Patients

With the PDMP-EHR integration, physicians avoid the tedious process of exiting the EHR, logging into the PDMP and running a query, and saves several minutes for each patient. It’s now such a quick process—around five seconds—that they can access it during a patient encounter, without sacrificing face-to-face interaction. Physicians can also confidently prescribe knowing that a patient’s PDMP history in Florida has been consolidated with other state PDMP data for that patient where the states have agreed to share the data.

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“Leveraging this technology is a true testament to Connecticut Children’s commitment to excellent healthcare as the prevention of prescription drug misuse is a matter of enormous personal and public health significance that demands collaboration across all settings. Connecticut Children’s and our providers are excited to lead the way for others across the state to make use of available information to protect patients and families from overdose and drug diversion. The benefits of EHR integration into state PDMPs have been widely recognized as beneficial to improving patient safety, mitigating drug diversion, and ensuring compliance.”

Dr. Richelle deMayo Chief Medical Information Officer, Connecticut Children’s

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