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Clinical Decision Support & Analytics Solution

NarxCare helps clinicians and care team members evaluate controlled substance data from government managed and regulated prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMP) to make more informed prescribing decisions.

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Make More Informed Prescribing Decisions

Every state operates a PDMP to track controlled substance prescriptions and aggregate longitudinal data. While these PDMPs provide a wealth of information on drug usage, accessing their databases can be time-consuming and difficult to understand at a glance.

NarxCare helps clinicians visualize PDMP data with real time intelligence and decision support integrated directly within clinical workflows.

Key Benefits

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Optimize Care Coordination

User-friendly platform makes complex dispensing data easy-to-understand and share with care team members, fostering an informed and coordinated approach to care.

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Ease Provider Burden

With decision support delivered directly into existing point-of-care systems and clinical workflows, prescribers and dispensers can save valuable time accessing PDMP data and focusing additional time on what matters most – patients.

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Improve Patient Outcomes

Real-time intelligence helps providers identify potential risk factors and helps them to make more informed clinical decisions, with the goal of improving care outcomes.

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Our Impact

Bamboo Health provides real-time intelligence and clinical decision support to help clinicians and pharmacists make more informed prescribing and dispensing decisions and spend more time with patients, with the goal of improving health outcomes.

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  • 106M+

    controlled substance insights delivered into EHR and pharmacy management systems per month

  • 1M+

    providers accessing government managed and regulated PDMP
    information in clinical workflows

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    integrated nationwide

Success Stories

Pharmacists and physicians use NarxCare scores as indicators to further review details in the patient’s prescription history as they attend to the patients. NarxCare scores and reports are intended to aid, not replace, medical decision-making. None of the information presented should be used as sole justification for providing or refusing to provide medications.

Ochsner Health

Ochsner Health: Integrated PDMP Access and Analytics Tool Provides More Informed Opioid Prescribing

“Not only would we have to log in separately to the state PDMP portal, we also would have to re-enter patient data such as the name and date of birth,” said Louis Jeansonne IV, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer for Ochsner Health. “And then sometimes we’d have trouble finding the correct patient. All these steps added up to be overly time consuming.”

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Exterior shot of Yale New Haven Hospital

Yale New Haven: Using Integrated Prescription Monitoring and Advanced Analytics to Address the Opioid Epidemic

Vivek Parwani, MD MHA FACEP, Medical Director of the Adult Emergency Department at Yale New Haven Hospital, explains the successful integration of a state-of-the-art opioid stewardship solution—which includes the nation’s leading PDMP data visualization solution, advanced analytics, and patient-matching technology— with its Epic electronic health record system.

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Exterior shot of the Surgical Healing Arts Center

Surgical Healing Arts Center: Improving PDMP Access to Assess Bariatric Surgery Patients

With the PDMP-EHR integration, physicians avoid the tedious process of exiting the EHR, logging into the PDMP and running a query, and saves several minutes for each patient. It’s now such a quick process—around five seconds—that they can access it during a patient encounter, without sacrificing face-to-face interaction. Physicians can also confidently prescribe knowing that a patient’s PDMP history in Florida has been consolidated with other state PDMP data for that patient where the states have agreed to share the data.

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“Prior to implementing one-click access to PDMP, the capability of the individual provider to access opioid prescribing data for their patients was a time consuming, burdensome, difficult process requiring multiple logins and passwords. This functional limitation was the primary barrier to PDMP access for busy front-line prescribers.

Jason B. Hill, MD Associate Chief Medical Information Officer at Ochsner Health

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