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Behavioral Health Care Coordination

Integrated Behavioral Healthcare Platform

Behavioral Health Care Coordination bridges the gap between behavioral and physical health to facilitate better patient outcomes and more efficient use of healthcare resources.

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Improve Outcomes

The behavioral health crisis is at a breaking point. Lack of complete and up-to-date encounter, referral and prescription data has led to strained communication between emergency and primary care providers, uninformed care decisions and poor patient outcomes.

Behavioral Health Care Coordination helps states connect stakeholders to streamline care and improve patient outcomes among behavioral health providers.

Key Benefits

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Expand Access to Care

A cohesive system for behavioral healthcare means increased access to appropriate care for underserved populations. With real-time crisis management and referral tools, states can connect more patients with the treatment they need.

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Improve Patient Outcomes

Enabling the integration of efforts from mental health, substance abuse and primary care providers leads better clinical outcomes.

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Ease Provider Burdens

Real-time intelligence helps alleviate administrative burdens that result from a disconnected system and enables more informed decision making, increased productivity and better use of available resources.

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Our Impact

Bamboo Health’s Behavioral Health Care Coordination suite of solutions connects stakeholders across the industry to help those dealing with behavioral health issues.

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  • 1B+

    patient encounters per year

  • 25%

    reduction in readmission rates

  • 145K

    integrated healthcare facilities

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