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Empowering Life-Saving Actions Through the 988 Lifeline

Bamboo Health’s award-winning Crisis Management System connects individuals in crisis to care during pivotal moments.

Improve Access to Behavioral Healthcare

Since the launch of the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline, call centers have fielded more than 20 million calls with 7.5 million contacts expected in 2025 alone.

Call centers, and the states that fund them, are now tasked with operationalizing the whole crisis continuum for the 988 Lifeline while facing workforce constraints, lack of sustainable funding and siloed data challenges. Call coordinators need streamlined workflow solutions to help.

Bamboo Health’s award-winning Crisis Management System connects call center professionals, mobile response teams and treatment providers to expedite access to quality care for individuals in need of behavioral health treatment. By connecting individuals in need with the most appropriate resources, Bamboo Health helps states and call centers provide optimal care and prevents relapses, costly admissions and readmissions.

Best Practices for Optimizing 988 Responses

Nearly half of all Americans will have a behavioral health issue in their lifetime, according to The Commonwealth Fund. The need for coordinated services across physical and behavioral healthcare is crucial, yet current efforts to expand services via the 988 Lifeline require additional funds and updated technology to align response efforts and connect callers to appropriate care services. To keep up with the 988 Lifeline’s evolution, check out our e-book covering population profiles, challenges facing call center operators, guidelines for crisis response and best practices for crisis system implementation.

Improve Behavioral Health Crisis Response

According to the 988 Lifeline, for every one person who dies by suicide, there are 316 more individuals who seriously consider it but do not take action. This represents millions of individuals at risk each year, underscoring the urgent need to better allocate resources to save lives. Watch our video to learn how a 988 Crisis Management System can improve your state’s public health response.

We are honored to recognize Bamboo Health as the ‘Best Care Orchestration Solution Provider’ in our 2024 MedTech Breakthrough Awards. Their Crisis Management System stands as a beacon of innovation in the healthcare industry, facilitating expedited access to critical behavioral health treatment and emergency response for 988 lifeline callers. This recognition underscores Bamboo Health’s commitment to revolutionizing care coordination and positively impacting patient outcomes. Congratulations to the entire Bamboo Health team on this well-deserved achievement.

Steve Johansson Managing Director at MedTech Breakthrough

Our Impact

Bamboo Health’s Crisis Management System expedites care for those in need, increasing patient safety and improving outcomes.

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  • 24%

    decrease in average time to dispatch a mobile crisis team to the 988 caller for one state client

  • 1,352

    total hours saved coordinating and dispatching mobile crisis teams for one state client

  • 6,752

    instances of one state client leveraging enhanced solution features for streamlined response


Nurse showing digital tablet to female patient in clinic lobby

Transforming Behavioral Health in Delaware

Helping residents of Delaware get the behavioral health care they need, when they need it most.

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The State of Delaware has less than one million people and ranks just 45th in population. The opioid epidemic, however, has hit Delaware just as hard—if not harder—than its more populous neighboring states. Nearly 150,000 adults in Delaware have a mental health condition and 42,000 have a serious mental illness. In order to support residents of Delaware, the state has partnered with Bamboo Health since 2018 to deploy multiple behavioral health solutions to improve access to care and improve patient outcomes.

Through the Delaware Treatment and Referral Network (DTRN), powered by OpenBeds® from Bamboo Health, the state is simplifying the referral and acceptance process for behavioral health treatment. The solution’s real-time intelligence on available resources helps care givers quickly find the right resources and facilities for patients and ensures proper communication amongst the care team, helping make whole person care a reality.

Demonstrated Outcomes

referrals accepted in 2023.

user logins searching for behavioral health referrals.

referring and receiving entities in the state participate in the DTRN referral platform.

crisis intakes on a monthly basis.

Mature male doctor using a tablet

Streamline and Automate Diversion Referrals and Access to Behavioral Health Care

DTRN can provide law enforcement personnel and health care providers across Delaware with real-time information on available treatment resources to foster better collaboration and coordination, speed access to care and improve outcomes.

Behavioral health referrals–typically consisting of multiple calls, faxes or emails–are time-consuming, inefficient and frustrating for both patients and providers.

DTRN replaces this manual and outdated process by providing one application to refer, share and communicate bed availability. By providing real-time facility availability, two-way digital communication, data analytics and clinical decision support, DTRN helps providers get patients the care they need sooner.

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See How DTRN is Already Helping the Residents of Delaware

The State of Delaware has less than one million people and ranks just 45th in population. Since 2018, the state has been partnering with Bamboo Health to improve bed-capacity and referral management to expedite access to care. Read the white paper to learn more about Delaware’s strategy to improve its public health.

Crisis Response Unit

Bamboo Health’s Award-Winning 988 Crisis Management System

The State of Delaware has also implemented Bamboo Health’s award-winning 988 Crisis Management System.

Since launching the 988 solution, the state of Delaware averages over 1,200 crisis intakes per month. The states Crisis Stabilization Centers receive over 2,400 referrals on a monthly basis, with average time to acknowledge of 31 minutes, allowing the state to improve patient outcomes.

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Pharmacist on their tablet accessing multi-state PMDP intelligence

Monitoring Delaware’s Prescription Information

Delaware has also deployed prescription monitoring services from Bamboo Health, including AWARxe, Gateway and NarxCare, to help share patient data in a safe and secure way and prevent over prescribing.  

Learn more about how your state can offer prescription monitoring services including AWARxE, Gateway and NarxCare.

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See How OpenBeds is Helping Other States

Wheelchair user and call center operator working on helpline, giving client assistance in disability friendly office

Revolutionizing Nevada’s Behavioral Health Referrals: A Leap Forward for 988 Suicide Prevention and Crisis Lifeline Services

“For us, OpenBeds is vital to getting people the behavioral healthcare and other services they need to thrive. We look forward to getting even more providers participating in the OpenBeds platform so we can deliver comprehensive service to every Nevadan who experiences a behavioral health crisis.”

Read Case Study


Delaware has the nation’s second-highest drug overdose mortality rate at 43.8 per 100,000 people, accounting for 401 deaths in 2018. (CDC National Center for Health Statistics, 2020). With an opioid prescribing rate significantly higher than the national average—60.6 prescriptions for every 100 persons compared to 51.4—it is no surprise that opioids were the cause of 355 of those 401 deaths (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2020).

MESC Cocktail Reception

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Vincenzo’s | Tuesday, August 13 | 7-9 PM ET

Private Cocktail Reception Hosted by Bamboo Health

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We are excited to host an evening of networking, beverages and hors d’oeuvres on Tuesday, August 13 from 7-9pm at Vincenzo’s. Don’t miss out on a chance to connect with industry peers and network with other leaders who are making a positive impact in behavioral healthcare.

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Spotlight Success Center


Real-Time, Interactive Performance Dashboard

Spotlights provides high-priority metrics that identify opportunities for improvement, including trends related to readmission rates, overutilization, resource allocation and patient outcomes.

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Improve Performance & Utilization

Healthcare organizations rely on performance data to properly care for patients. Yet claims data often lags weeks or months behind, making real-time adjustments unattainable which decreases overall quality of care.

With real-time insights into utilizations trends and a user-friendly interface, Spotlights enables users to track performance trends on a macro level or drill down to the patient level for root-cause analysis.



Key Benefits

Spotlights Feature Zoom

Reduce Overutilization

Insight on 30-day readmission rates helps you understand where high-utilizing patients are going, where they were initially admitted, and if there was intermediary skilled nursing facility care, reducing potential penalties and costly overutilization.

Spotlights Feature Zoom

Ensure Proper Resource Allocation

Real-time insights into emergency department, hospital and skilled nursing facility usage help organizations ensure proper resource allocation and reduce costs.

Spotlights real-time, interactive performance dashboard

Improve Communication & Performance

Real-time metrics enable users to view performance trends at a high-level or conduct root-cause analysis at the patient-level, providing insight to help improve performance, communication and outcomes.

NASMHPD Cocktail Reception

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Zaytinya by José Andrés | Sunday, July 21 | 6-8 PM ET

Private Cocktail Reception Hosted by Bamboo Health

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Zaytinya by José Andrés | 701 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001


You’re invited to a cocktail reception hosted by Bamboo Health!

We are excited to host an evening of networking, beverages and hors d’oeuvres on Sunday, July 21 from 6-8pm at Zaytinya by José Andrés. Don’t miss out on a chance to connect with industry peers and network with other leaders who are making a positive impact in behavioral healthcare.

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Q224 ACO Care Coordination

Changing Healthcare for the Better with Real-Time Care Intelligence™

Streamline care collaboration with our Pings product suite.

Who Benefits From Our Care Coordination Solutions?

Experience a seamless integration with EHR records and other clinical systems that help organizations access real-time analytics resulting in enhanced care coordination, meaningful patient discussions and improved patient care.


Improve quality measures, foster provider collaboration, grow members and identify high-risk cohorts.


Increase patient engagement, scale care management, promote timely interventions and streamline care transitions.


Improve provider engagement, control costs, increase patient engagement and identify actionable insights.

What Clients Say About Bamboo Health

Pings is a much-needed platform for our relationship withHMCC, and allows us to follow patients’ movements in real-time.

– Ron McGaughy

Vice President of Network Development
at HMG Healthcare, LLC

Patient Care is a Journey

Experience the future of care coordination with our advanced technology solutions
or add new functionalities to your Pings solution today.


Proactively identify high-risk patients and decrease time to intervention while streamlining clinical workflows

  • Real-time admission, discharge and transfer of ADT data to support clinical decisions and decrease time to intervention

  • Successfully conduct targeted post-discharge follow-up to enroll high-risk patients in care management programs

  • Streamline patient prioritization and post-discharge workflows with advanced risk scoring models


Immediate notifications and detailed insight to help providers and payers quickly find and close open gaps in care and improve quality metrics

  • Optimize care coordination by enabling payers and providers to be aware of open gaps in real time

  • Improve performance on quality programs such as CMS Star Rating and HEDIS

  • Fluid and quick data transfer between plans and providers that leads to better patient outcomes and provider experiences


Receive real-time patient context within workflows at the point of care

  • Clear and timely data allows clinicians to avoid medically unnecessary admissions and readmissions.

  • Better use of care resources leads to improvements in inpatient and emergency department throughput

  • Improve inpatient and emergency department throughput

  • Prevent medically avoidable admissions and readmissions

Elevating the Healthcare Experience with Real-Time Care Intelligence™

Empowering care teams, elevating patient outcomes and boosting provider efficiency. 

Increased Revenue. Decreased Costs.

Providers benefit from the increased efficiency and effectiveness that Pings brings. By minimizing communication gaps and optimizing care delivery, Pings helps lower costs by reducing unnecessary hospital visits and lengths of stay, ultimately leading to more efficient healthcare operations. 

Enhanced Care Team Collaboration

Pings enhances the way care teams work by offering instant alerts and enabling seamless information exchange among payers, providers and care teams. Real-time notifications allow care teams to respond quickly to patients’ needs and collaborate effectively, ensuring timely and appropriate care. 

Improved Patient Outcomes

Patients benefit from Pings through improved care coordination, which leads to reduced hospital readmissions and better overall outcomes. With care teams working together more efficiently, patients experience a smoother journey and receive the right care at the right time.

Our Pings Solutions are Trusted by Leading Organizations and Government Entities 

The Impact of Our Care Coordination Solutions Across the Continuum of Care

increase in post-discharge visit completions at Landmark Health

received by reducing length of stay at Houston Methodist

decrease in 30-day inpatient readmissions at The Mass League

more patients contacted for SNF transitions of care follow-ups at Eagle Physicians & Associates

See How We Can Simplify the Patient Care Journey 

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The Grove – Dallas

Renaissance Dallas Hotel | Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2024

The Grove Leadership Summit

Dallas, TX

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The Grove is the premier destination for healthcare executives focused on population health, value-based care, care management, clinical operations, interoperability, quality and more. In this exclusive event, leaders from regional hospitals, health systems, post-acute care organizations, health plans, community health centers and government agencies, come together to network with peers and partners, obtain strategies to help tackle today’s biggest challenges and share insights that make an impact. For any questions or inquiries regarding The Grove, please contact [email protected].

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