Woman pharmacist holding prescription checking medicine in pharmacy

Knowledge for Good Webinar: Controlled substance dispensation trends pre- and post-PMP Gateway implementation

Prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs) help providers understand their patients’ controlled substance dispensation history to make more informed prescribing decisions and care plans. PDMPs are now present in every U.S. state and territory to help inform clinical practice. Bamboo Health’s PMP Gateway allows users to access PDMP information directly in the clinical workflow, saving time so the provider can focus on the patient.

In this webinar, Bamboo Health Data Scientist Joe Carhart, Ph.D., will look at dispensation trends in two states 3-5 years before and after implementation of PMP Gateway. Carhart will be joined by a special guest, Kara Slusser, director of INSPECT for the State of Indiana, who will describe how the state uses the solution to prevent drug misuse and improve patient care.