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Since Bamboo is a recent result of Appriss Health’s acquisition of PatientPing, we haven’t had time to move all of our content to one website. For this specific content, we’re sending you to one of our other sites.

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Welcome to Bamboo Health, formerly Appriss Health + PatientPing.

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Community & Behavioral Health Providers & FQHCs

Optimize Care Coordination Outcomes and Engagement for Vulnerable Patient Populations

High-risk patients, including those with behavioral health challenges, substance use disorders (SUD), and chronic conditions, often require care from multiple providers. When these providers don’t communicate, it can lead to a breakdown of care continuity, unnecessary costs, and even patient harm.

Bamboo Health helps Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), community health providers, and behavioral health practices execute effective care coordination with real-time notifications on hospital and ED presentations, admissions, and discharges to ensure timely follow up and patient engagement.

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Real-Time Insights to Support Whole Person Care

Receive real-time notifications on hospital admissions and discharges for timely outpatient follow up during vulnerable care transition periods.

Identify high utilizers of the ED and multi-visit patients to effectively manage vulnerable populations.

Coordinate with ED staff to prevent unnecessary admissions via real-time ED presentation notifications.

Surface clinically relevant behavioral and physical health history, social determinants of health information, and primary care attribution at the point of care.

Obtain updated patient contact information to connect with difficult-to-reach patients and enable timely enrollment, engagement, and care plan creation.

Access behavioral health network to collaborate with providers on a real-time view of behavioral health beds and resources, leverage clinical decision support tools to ensure appropriate level of care, and rapidly refer patients to care.

Improve patient outcomes with our suite of care coordination technology for FQHCs, community health providers, and behavioral health practices.

See how community & behavioral health providers & FQHCs leverage Bamboo Health solutions to improve patient outcomes.

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