Dispense Controlled Substance Prescriptions with Confidence

Most states are now funding PMP Gateway integration for all qualified healthcare entities in that state.
Doctor writing a prescription and holding a bottle.

Make more informed dispensing decisions to reduce the instances of substance misuse and overdose.

Integrate state prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) data and analytics into your pharmacy management system via Bamboo Health’s PMP Gateway and NarxCare solutions. No need to log in, deal with passwords, or access a secondary website. For questions contact our pharmacy team at [email protected].

  • One-Click PDMP Access

    PMP Gateway enables one-click access to the PDMP within your pharmacy management workflow, saving an average of 4.2 minutes per patient encounter.

  • Interactive Visualizations

    NarxCare analyzes real-time PDMP data to provide patient risk scores and an interactive visualization of usage patterns, helping providers easily identify potential risk factors.

  • Improved Patient Outcomes

    PMP Gateway + NarxCare enable pharmacists to make more informed clinical decisions that lead to better patient outcomes.

Enjoy easy integration and implementation.

  • Experience Hassle-Free Integration
    With pre-built connectivity to 500+ clinical systems including electronic health records and pharmacy management systems integration is seamless and fast. PMP Gateway supports multiple integration protocols so we can find one that best suits your health IT system.
  • Automate Data Delivery to Authorized Users
    Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you have automated compliance. PDMP data is delivered to authorized users in real time at the point of care.

Traditional PDMP view vs. NarxCare

NarxCare enhances PDMP data with real-time intelligence and decision support integrated directly within clinical workflows. Interactive visualizations of usage patterns and real-time risk scores available at the point of care empower pharmacists to collaborate and make more informed decisions, increase patient safety and improve outcomes.