Bamboo Health Supports North Carolina with Behavioral Health Bed Registry


Bamboo Health is proud to implement an expanded partnership with the State of North Carolina to increase access to and decrease wait time for behavioral health treatment. On January 31, we launched our OpenBeds® solution for the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS), creating BH SCAN, an online centralized behavioral health bed registry.  

According to NCDHHS, every day, hundreds of people in North Carolina wait inside hospital emergency rooms for behavioral health care. BH SCAN, powered by the OpenBeds solution, provides visibility of inpatient psychiatric resources, making it easier and faster for providers to refer patients to more appropriate care.  

Read more about BH SCAN in this NCDHHS press release

Since 2017, North Carolina has partnered with Bamboo Health to help medical professionals monitor substance prescriptions and dispensations with statewide integration of PMP Gateway and NarxCare, allowing providers and pharmacists across the state the ability to check a patient’s history of controlled substance use for more informed prescribing. In addition, during the COVID-19 pandemic’s initial outbreak, the state worked with OpenBeds to implement its Critical Resource Tracker, allowing visibility across health systems and hospitals for availability of critical beds, vital equipment, and key personnel.