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Solutions That Power Public Health Initiatives

Download our Government Capabilities Overview to see how our technology can help improve patient outcomes and eliminate the manual administrative burden for your state.

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At Bamboo Health, we recognize states are struggling to keep up with the demand for behavioral health treatment, putting strains on resources across the board. That’s why our technology solutions are uniquely positioned to help government agencies improve public health through the power of data. 

To connect these stakeholders, we deliver Real-Time Care Intelligence™ that promotes more informed decision making, increases access and patient safety and improves health outcomes. In turn, this helps government officials and providers improve overall mental health and substance use disorder (SUD) services in their state. 

In our new Government Capabilities Overview, you will learn how your state can:

  • Create trusted, coordinated treatment networks and digital process to expedite the path to care 
  • Connect disconnected members of care teams with relevant patient information to foster collaboration and improve outcomes 
  • Access PDMP data in clinical workflows to help comply with state laws, save time, and make more informed prescribing decisions
  • Expedite access to assessment and treatment for those in behavioral health crises