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Helping Governments Improve Public Health Through Technology

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Government agencies across the country are grappling with rising numbers of people in need of mental health services. Combined with COVID-19, these numbers will not be dwindling anytime soon. Public health is a major responsibility of governments, public health organizations, health plans and medical professionals.   

At Bamboo Health we know that an increasing need for states to garner additional mental health staffing resources can become overwhelming at times. That is why Bamboo Health is strategically positioned to help government agencies improve public health and patient outcomes through the power of data. 

The Delaware Treatment and Referral Network powered by the OpenBeds solution, facilitates rapid referrals and fosters collaboration among mental health, SUD, and medical providers. After partnering with Bamboo Health for three years, the DTRN hit an outstanding milestone of 100,000 referrals in December of 2021. This is equivalent to improving 100,000 lives of citizens.

Joanna Champney Division Director Delaware Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health 

Discover how your government agency can:

  • Reduce the overall cost of treating patients with behavioral health conditions while improving patient outcomes and saving more lives
  • Implement a crisis management solution that is flexible and scalable to your community
  • Help health care professionals efficiently and effectively make digital referrals for appropriate behavioral health treatment to inpatient and outpatient facilities