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Who Benefits From Our Care Coordination Solutions?

Experience a seamless integration with EHR records and other clinical systems that help organizations access real-time analytics resulting in enhanced care coordination, meaningful patient discussions and improved patient care.


Improve quality measures, foster provider collaboration, grow members and identify high-risk cohorts.


Increase patient engagement, scale care management, promote timely interventions and streamline care transitions.


Improve provider engagement, control costs, increase patient engagement and identify actionable insights.


Charting the Best Path Forward with
Our Real-Time Patient e-Notification System

Gaps in Communication and Care Coordination Between Providers and Systems

Pings provides rapid data and insights to improve care coordination and enable care teams to make more informed decisions, leading to better patient outcomes.

Close up of female doctor hand putting money in piggybank
High Healthcare Costs

Identify the costliest and most vulnerable patient cohorts across a health system and assist them in receiving necessary care before they become high-risk, high-cost patients.

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Understanding the Patient Journey

Alleviate administrative burdens by accessing patient information directly within the clinical workflow. With real-time resource availability, e-notifications and streamlined referrals, providers can improve patient outcomes without navigating multiple systems.

What Clients Say About Bamboo Health

Pings is a much-needed platform for our relationship withHMCC, and allows us to follow patients’ movements in real-time.

– Ron McGaughy

Vice President of Network Development
at HMG Healthcare, LLC

Patient Care is a Journey

Experience the future of care coordination with our advanced technology solutions
or add new functionalities to your Pings solution today.


Receive real-time patient context within workflows at the point of care

  • Receive relevant patient context in clinical workflows at the point of care

  • Improve inpatient and emergency department throughput

  • Prevent medically avoidable admissions and readmissions


Proactively identify high-risk patients and decrease time to intervention while streamlining clinical workflows

  • Real-time admission, discharge and transfer of ADT data to support clinical decisions and decrease time to intervention

  • Successfully conduct targeted post-discharge follow-up to enroll high-risk patients in care management programs

  • Streamline patient prioritization and post-discharge workflows with advanced risk scoring models


Interactive, real-time dashboards to help improve hospital and SNF utilization and readmission rates

  • Conduct root-cause analysis to help develop processes for high-impact patients

  • Identify trends in 30-day readmission rates in real-time

  • Conduct timely interventions with visibility into ED, hospital and SNF usage, enabling proper allocation of resources

Elevating the Healthcare Experience with Real-Time Care Intelligence™

Empowering care teams, elevating patient outcomes and boosting provider efficiency. 

Enhanced Care Team Collaboration

Pings enhances the way care teams work by offering instant alerts and enabling seamless information exchange among payers, providers and care teams. Real-time notifications allow care teams to respond quickly to patients’ needs and collaborate effectively, ensuring timely and appropriate care. 

Improved Patient Outcomes

Patients benefit from Pings through improved care coordination, which leads to reduced hospital readmissions and better overall outcomes. With care teams working together more efficiently, patients experience a smoother journey and receive the right care at the right time.

Optimized Provider Efficiency

Providers benefit from the increased efficiency and effectiveness that Pings brings. By minimizing communication gaps and optimizing care delivery, Pings helps lower costs by reducing unnecessary hospital visits and lengths of stay, ultimately leading to more efficient healthcare operations. 

Our Pings Solutions are Trusted by Leading Organizations and Government Entities 

The Impact of Our Care Coordination Solutions Across the Continuum of Care

increase in post-discharge visit completions at Landmark Health

received by reducing length of stay at Houston Methodist

decrease in 30-day inpatient readmissions at The Mass League

more patients contacted for SNF transitions of care follow-ups at Eagle Physicians & Associates

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