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On July 16, 2022, “988,” the behavioral health version of 911, launches. The three-digit, easy-to-remember number will connect individuals via call or text through the existing National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to regional crisis centers. While calls will automatically reroute to the existing centers, the switch is expected to raise awareness and call volume. In addition, it’s an opportunity to change the way the United States responds to individuals with a range of mental health issues – to ensure every person is directed to the appropriate level of care, instead of diverting to hospital emergency departments or even law enforcement.

While the legislation to create the universal phone number passed in 2020, states are in varying stages of readiness to roll out their response. In this webinar, Alycia Sepe BSN, RN, overviews the current crisis management landscape, where the nation stands ahead of the switch this summer, and how we are partnering with states to support their response through our technology solutions.