5 Ways to Prevent Substance Misuse

5 Ways to Prevent Substance Misuse

Every year, millions of Americans struggle with the disease of addiction. Fortunately, addiction is highly treatable. However, it can be daunting to know where to look for support. Treatment Connection makes it easier for individuals to find the substance use disorder treatment they or their loved ones need. Substance use disorder can be addressed by finding the right program.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs

For many, substance use disorder (misusing drugs or alcohol) springs from an underlying mental health issue or stress, called a co-occurring disorder. Co-occurring disorders are best treated through dual diagnosis treatment. This kind of treatment identifies what sort of mental health issues an individual may be struggling with, such as depression, anxiety, or PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Often, these underlying issues cause intense distress prompting individuals to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. However, self-medicating only masks the underlying problem, allowing it to worsen while also significantly increasing addiction risk. In dual diagnosis treatment, both substance use disorder and mental health issues are treated simultaneously, giving patients the best chance to minimize relapse and recover.

Also, individuals have found themselves addicted through no fault of their own. This is especially true of individuals who are dealing with prescription drug addiction. For example, opioids are regularly prescribed to manage pain. While they are very effective, their potency often causes individuals to develop an inadvertent addiction even if they follow their doctor’s instructions. Medication-assisted treatment or MAT is a substance use disorder treatment program where withdrawal symptoms and cravings are managed through tightly administered medications combined with therapy.

No matter the cause or type of substance use disorder, treatment is available. At Treatment Connection, we give you the tools to find the best program to address the behavioral health issue impacting your life.

Five Addiction Prevention Tips

When someone misuses drugs or alcohol, they may not develop an addiction. However, substance misuse does increase the risk of dependency and having a substance use disorder. There are some simple ways to guard against addiction. Some general addiction prevention tips include:

  1. Mental Health: Many of us exercise and pay attention to our diet because we understand the importance of physical health. However, an individual’s overall wellbeing involves both a healthy body and a healthy mind. Therefore, being aware of your mental health status is key to preventing substance use disorder. Depression, anxiety disorders, and other conditions like OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) or even ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) can all lead someone to misuse drugs if they aren’t properly treated.
  2. Environment: A stressful home, work, or school life can lead individuals to use drugs or alcohol to cope. Learning healthy coping mechanisms is important, and part of that is making sure the environment one lives and works in is positive and not triggering.
  3. Education: Being aware of how addiction can develop and how specifically certain drugs like prescription medications can lead to dependency gives individuals the tools they need to identify high-risk actions and situations.
  4. Family history: Individuals with a family history of alcohol use disorder or some other drug misuse are at higher risk of developing a substance use disorder. While genetics doesn’t mean an individual will develop an addiction, it’s vital to be aware of it. The more you know your biological and physical risk factors, the better chance you stand of preventing addiction.
  5. Community support: People are social creatures, and having family, friends, and loved ones to turn to can do a lot to prevent addiction by providing support during times of stress. Being an active part of a community is also a good way to be held accountable for one’s actions.

Treatment Connection

No matter the drug or alcohol addiction you or a loved one is dealing with, substance use disorder treatment is available. The Addiction Treatment Needs Assessment, an easy-to-use online assessment found on the Treatment Connection website, can help individuals better understand their needs and enable them to search for appropriate treatment facilities based on their specific needs. . With the right program, individuals can heal from the disease of addiction and make a lasting recovery.

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