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Bamboo Health in Ohio

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Bamboo Health is a software and solutions technology company that provides Real-Time Care Intelligence™ to empower the right decisions at the right time for the right outcomes. We were created by the combination of two leaders in the healthcare technology space: PatientPing and Appriss Health. You may have heard of us from the latter, as your state government funds our PDMP solutions, PMP Gateway and NarxCare, and OpenBeds. 

But your hospital has more to gain:

Bamboo Health also offers solutions that empower real-time care collaboration so you can enable community providers (ACOs, POs, PCPs, and Post-Acutes) – both in and out of Ohio – better coordinate care and improve outcomes on shared patients receiving care at your facility. Such benefits include: 

  • Real-time care event e-notifications when your patients receive care at any acute or post-acute facility on our national network, both in and out of Ohio 
  • Real-time risk stratification and follow-up workflow tool that helps quickly identify, analyze, and intervene with emerging high-risk patients that may be missed through traditional stratification models, while also providing workflow features to keep care management teams aligned on next steps in care.
  • Transitions of care assistant embedded within existing workflows to help clinicians direct patients to the most appropriate care setting, access prior acute and post-acute utilization history, identify high ED utilizers, and understand care team attribution 

Bamboo Health’s Ohio Network by the Numbers:

  • Bamboo Health has 51 hospitals and 635 post-acute facilities connected in OH to date 
  • A large hospital client was able to find the ~600 patients that accounted for 90% of readmissions and the majority of total spend and reduce billed charges for that cohort by 51%, translating to $77.5M in savings in one year and over $100K per patient per year.  
  • Bamboo Health clients in OH generated over $135 Million in shared savings in 2021 from the MSSP ACO program
  • Participating providers in OH are connected to a national network in all 50 states of 2,500+ hospitals, 8,000+ post-acutes, and hundreds of primary and specialty care providers