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Bamboo Health in North Carolina

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North Carolina
Success Story:

Nurse Care Manager Debbie Miller, RN
at Monarch:



We are both honored and proud to work with amazing healthcare organizations in North Carolina like Monarch. We are also a North Carolina Healthcare Association (NCHA) strategic partner and because of that, your organization is already participating in our engaged network of acute and post-acute facilities across North Carolina, as well as the rest of the country. This has enabled your community providers (ACOs, POs, PCPs, and Post-Acutes) to better coordinate care and improve outcomes on shared patients receiving care at your facility.

But your hospital has more to gain:

  • Real-time care event e-notifications when your patients receive care at any acute or post-acute facility on our national network, both in and out of North Carolina
  • Transitions of care assistance embedded within existing workflows to help clinicians direct patients to the most appropriate care setting, access prior acute and post-acute utilization history, identify high ED utilizers, and understand care team attribution
  • Dynamic patient rosters that allow your hospital to define notification criteria about your patients in order to better monitor their care and apply timely interventions (BPCI-A, CMS Readmissions, All-discharges, etc.)

Bamboo Health’s NC Network by the Numbers:

  • Bamboo Health has 102 hospitals and 786 post-acute facilities connected in NC to date, not to mention the 1,264+ hospitals and 8,000+ post-acutes nationally
  • Over 3 million patients are currently being tracked by ACOs, PCPCs, and other managing providers in NC 
  • Bamboo Health’s NC clients have received 7.3M Pings from over 4.5K unique facilities across 48 different states from January 2018 – September 2022
  • One of our North Carolina hospital clients saved $1.2M in a 9-month period, saved 20-30 minutes on average per patient assessment, and avoided 100+ unnecessary admissions through our solutions 

Our Transitions of Care teams have appreciated this expansion because it allows a patient’s care timeline to be captured without asking multiple, often duplicative questions. We know the saved time in chart reviews equals more quality time with our patients, thus promoting the true value of healthcare to our patients and their care teams.

Interim Vice President of Care Management
Cone Health System/Triad Healthcare Network

Bamboo Health operates entirely within the privacy and security requirements set forth with HIPAA, including the encryption of all data in transit and at rest. We are also HITRUST CSF® Certified, meeting industry-defined standards when it comes
to managing risk.