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NarxCare is a robust analytics tool and care management platform that helps prescribers and dispensers analyze real-time controlled substance data from Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs) and better manage those with substance use disorder (SUD).

NarxCare’s scores, visualizations, and alerts help time-limited prescribers make more informed clinical decisions based on objective insight into a patient’s controlled substance prescription history, ultimately leading to improved patient safety.

If I went to the state [PDMP] website and logged in, per patient it took anywhere from 4-5 minutes. I do about 15-20 prescriptions a day. Looking at the [NarxCare] process the way I do now, it usually takes me about 1 minute to go through, so I’m saving 3-4 minutes per patient about 20 times a day. So that’s about 60-80 minutes a day I’m saving.

Dr. Todd Richwine

Listen to the CMIO of Texas Health Resources, Dr. Richwine, discuss the benefits of NarxCare: