Smiling male doctor doing a checkup on a hospitalized male patient

Moments that Matter

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Bamboo Health is changing lives. Not just our customers’, but the patients are also experiencing the positive impact of our robust technology and seamless care coordination solutions.

We have heard many incredible stories about the special moments that mattered using our technology, and we want to share the positive impact with you.

Moments That Matter

  • A Bamboo Health CCHBC client used our Pings solution to help a patient who had lost her son to an overdose. When entering the emergency department on the anniversary of her son’s death, a Monarch nurse received a real-time notification that their patient sought medical attention in the ED and was able to help connect her with the right mental healthcare services she desperately needed.
  • The Delaware Treatment and Referral Network powered by the OpenBeds solution, facilitates rapid referrals and fosters collaboration among mental health, SUD, and medical providers. After partnering with Bamboo Health for three years, the DTRN hit an outstanding milestone of 100,000 referrals in December of 2021. This is equivalent to improving 100,000 lives of citizens.
  • Bamboo Health is the technology vendor for the New Hampshire Rapid Response Action Point, which supports individuals in behavioral health crisis and has been an integral part of the state’s 988 readiness plan that rolled out in January of 2022. This solution helps expedite individual’s access to behavioral health treatment, which in turn, helps save lives.