Headshot photo of Marjanna Barber-Dubois
Quality and Performance Improvement Manager, Manet Community Health Center, Inc.

Marjanna Barber-Dubois

Ms. Barber-Dubois began her career in healthcare in 2006 in Boston as an EMT, CPR and Education Coordinator, until earning her paramedic certification in 2010. From 2012 to 2021, Ms. Barber-Dubois held many positions that led her to her current role as Manager of Quality at Manet Community Health Center. She previously served as the Continuous Quality Improvement Manager at Twin City Ambulance in NY, Vermont Blueprint for Health of Quality Improvement Facilitator and Supervisor for Community Health Improvement. In her current role at Manet Community Health Center, Ms. Barber-Dubois oversees a nutrition, care coordination and care management team covering 6 sites in MA. She earned her bachelor’s in Health: Science, Society, and Policy at Brandeis University and Master’s in Public Health from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. In her free time, Ms. Barber-Dubois enjoys hiking and exploring with her toddler, yelling at the Red Sox and Patriots, blogging and writing.