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August 12-15, 2024

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Unlock the power of precision care with Bamboo Healths Behavioral Health Intelligence Hub at MESC! Our behavioral health solutions for states can help bridge the gap between finding the right resources for care and treating those in need, including those in a behavioral health crisis.  

From our award-winning 988 Crisis Management System to our OpenBeds®️ bed-referral and capacity management solution and prescription drug monitoring, your state can provide residents with the care they need.   

Stop by the Bamboo Health booth #349 in the exhibit hall to learn how your state can improve care coordination and reduce the overall cost of treating behavioral health conditions.

Be sure to attend our Industry Sponsored Educational Session on improving access to behavioral health crisis support services for Medicaid populations, taking place Tuesday, August 13, 4pm-5pm featuring Michelle Singletary-Twyman, Deputy Director at the Delaware Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health (DSAMH) and Bamboo Health’s Sean Miller and Vatsala Kapur.

The topic will cover the current landscape of crisis support for Medicaid enrollees, including challenges facing access to care for the justice-involved population. The session will explore how states can use Section 1115 Waivers and other policy implementations as an option to allow Medicaid programs to enhance crisis services. Considering nearly half of adult Medicaid enrollees experience mental illness or substance use disorder (according to the CMS), patients and healthcare organizations need streamlined ways to deliver care to vulnerable populations experiencing high rates of physical and mental comorbidities. Through discussion of specific examples and use cases of programs for Medicaid and justice-involved individuals, attendees will learn how to reduce barriers to access and improve their own workflows for better coordination across the health system.