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Join Us at the Rx Summit

April 19 | 8:00am

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Celebrating 8 years of collaborating with our PDMP partners, delivering proven, reliable and impactful solutions that improve patient outcomes.

Powered by Bamboo Health’s PMP Gateway integration API, over 1 million practitioners are receiving PDMP reports within their workflow. The result, over 5.2M hours saved by practitioners every month through improved workflow efficiencies enabling them to focus more on patient care.

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Vision Session

Fostering Care Collaboration and Delivering Actionable Insights Across the Entire Continuum of Care to Support Whole Person Care


Recently, the global COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the challenges in effective care coordination and brought with it a drastic rise in the need for behavioral health services. As a result, there is an increased need for improved care coordination. An effective care coordination strategy goes beyond identifying high-risk patients. It seamlessly helps bridge patient care gaps and connect silos across care teams. Through a comprehensive set of solutions, Bamboo Health can help enable more informed and effective care decisions, encourage proactive interventions with high-risk patients when it makes the most impact, and ensure comprehensive attention to a patient’s overall health and well-being. The result is higher quality care at a lower cost.


Sean Miller
Deputy Chief of Health Informatics
Delaware Health and Social Services,
Division of Substance Abuse & Mental Health

Steven W. Schierholt, Esq.
Executive Director
State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy

Brad Bauer
Bamboo Health