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KLAS’ Points of Light Case Study

Improving Quality Metrics & Outcomes Through Real-Time Information

How health plans are boosting Star ratings and improving clinical and financial outcomes.

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Learn How Privia and Humana Improved Care Coordination by Utilizing Care Gaps.

Lack of timely data can prevent provider organizations from facilitating appropriate care coordination after patients are discharged from a hospital visit.

In this case study, learn how payers and providers in this collaboration worked with Bamboo Health to:

  • 2x the previous year delivery of discharge summaries
  • Improved performance with CMS measures
  • Increased visibility via TRC and FMC flags
  • Better care coordination for patients/members
  • Improved provider satisfaction

The Impact of Our Care Coordination Solutions Across the Continuum of Care

patient encounters per year

of patients/members with a hospital event that qualified for TRC and FMC measures had successful delivery of discharge summaries

health plans served

of Pings alerts closed by Privia Medical Group – Georgia, resulting in timelier follow-up, better care coordination and improved provider satisfaction.

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Read the KLAS Points of Light Case Study

to learn how our Care Gaps solution can help improve care coordination across the healthcare ecosystem, resulting in better patient outcomes and reduced provider burden.

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