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Bamboo Health is turning moments that matter into experiences that count.  Every healthcare journey is a series of moments. Bamboo Health makes sure none of them go unnoticed by helping your organization achieve CareFlow™.

CareFlow is the result of everything we do. It’s the collective benefit of the Real-Time Care Intelligence™ we deliver through our innovative suite of software solutions and the industry’s largest care coordination network. 

  • Cone Health saved $1.2M during a 9-month period
  • The Mass League experienced a 50% decrease in 30 -day inpatient readmission rates
  • Ochsner Health spent 3x less time accessing opioid prescribing data

Our reach is far and wide – making our impact visible at every point of care. With over one billion annual patient encounters and a diverse set of technology solutions, our clients across the country are seeing improved results and better patient outcomes. Schedule a demo today to see how Bamboo Health can help your organization!