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Enhancing the Lives of Californians Through the Sharing of Patient Data

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The Future of Data Exchange

With more than 400 hospitals and 62,000+ physicians in California, sharing patient information is crucial to providing the right care at the right time.  No single entity manages health information exchange services to move data between providers, patients and government entities.

The California Data Exchange Framework aims to enhance health information exchange, promote collaboration and improve the overall well-being of Californians by ensuring secure and efficient data sharing among healthcare entities, social services and government agencies.

Watch our on-demand webinar from Bamboo Health, the California Medical Association, Manifest MedEx and Connecting for Better Health (C4BH) to gain insight on how to:
  • Leverage data-sharing to support better care coordination and patient outcomes
  • Address challenges and barriers for non-participating organizations
  • Maximize care coordination through real-time patient alerts
  • Implement programs to support real-time data exchange
  • Plan for future considerations for data sharing in California


David Ford is the CEO of CMA Physician Services and the Vice President of Health Information Technology for the California Medical Association (CMA).  He develops CMA’s thought leadership in all…

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David Ford
CEO, CMA Physician Services Organization

Ashlee Cerda is the Senior Channel Manager for Bamboo Health. Ashlee has a decade of experience within the population health space, utilizing data to help deliver actionable insights to further…

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Ashlee Cerda
Senior Channel Manager, Bamboo Health

Jason has been at the forefront of the nonprofit Health Information Exchange (HIE) industry for over a decade. His previous roles include leadership positions at NC HealthConnex and The Health…

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Jason Buckner
Chief Information Officer, Manifest MedEx

Timi Leslie is the President of BluePath Health and Executive Director of Connecting for Better Health with over 30 years of experience in the health care industry advising organizations on…

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Timi Leslie
Executive Director, Connecting for Better Health & President, BluePath Health