Use Case Spotlight: Pioneer Valley Accountable Care on Care Coordination Best Practices

Use Case Spotlight: Pioneer Valley Accountable Care on Care Coordination Best Practices

How does Pings help you accomplish your goals?

PatientPing (Pings) allows us to coordinate care for our patients as they move from care location to care location. Prior to PatientPing (Pings), we were really in the dark when it came to understanding the where and when of our patients. At that point, the only insight we had into the whereabouts of patients was through outdated claims data or when they showed up on our primary care doorstep or, worse, ended up in the ER again. We lacked the tools to proactively manage our patients. PatientPing (Pings) has allowed us to meaningfully manage our patients in real time so we can give them the right care at the right time, and ensure that their care transitions are safer.

What do you like most about Pings?

PatientPing (Pings) is one of the most user friendly IT tools we have encountered, and we use many, many platforms on a daily basis. PatientPing (Bamboo Health) understands the different customers that are using their product and customizes the data output to match their needs. The PatientPing (Bamboo Health) team is also very receptive to feedback. When users give feedback, the team works hard to make changes to the product that incorporate the ideas from the community. And they always make timely adjustments should any technical issues arise.

Can you give us a specific example of a time that Pings helped you help a patient?

PatientPing (Pings) helps us help patients every single day. By using the tool, we know exactly when our patient is sent home from a skilled nursing facility, as well as which visiting nurse agency will be caring for them at home. This allows our nurses to call the patient on the day of a SNF discharge and ask if he or she has been visited by the nurse. If the nurse has not come within 24 hours, we can then follow up with the appropriate agency to ensure that they care for our patient when he or she needs it most. Prior to using PatientPing (Pings), our patients were more or less on their own until we became aware that they were home. And that was only if we even knew they went to a SNF. Using this tool is a huge leap forward in being able to care for our patients when they need it most.

What other technologies do you use (in addition to Pings) to help you accomplish your goals?

We use quite a few technologies at the ACO. We sit on a huge claims database. We also have multiple risk stratification software applications and analytics, a secure texting platform, and multiple EMR systems.

Thanks so much, Adrianne! For more information about Bamboo Health can enhance your care coordination efforts, contact us.