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Since Bamboo is a recent result of Appriss Health’s acquisition of PatientPing, we haven’t had time to move all of our content to one website. For this specific content, we’re sending you to one of our other sites.

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Welcome to Bamboo Health, formerly Appriss Health + PatientPing.

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Prepare Your State for 988

On July 16, 2022, 988, the behavioral health version of 911, launches. The easy-to-remember number will connect individuals via call or text, through the existing National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, to regional crisis centers.

Download our Crisis Management Playbook to learn more about 988 and how you can provide your state’s communities with effective crisis management to improve public health.

Download The Playbook

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An alarming 1 in 5 U.S. adults recently experienced a mental illness.*

Providing the Right Help

The introduction of 988 is an opportunity to change the way the United States responds to individuals with a range of behavioral health issues. It will help to ensure individuals are directed to the appropriate level of care, instead of diverting them to hospital emergency departments, or even law enforcement.


The Time Is Now

With the rapidly approaching July 16th launch of 988, states must comply with federal law and develop a plan and infrastructure to support their communities’ adoption of 988 services. Bamboo Health partners with state government leaders to provide that plan and infrastructure, along with expert guidance around securing federal funding, to ensure a smooth launch. We also offer ongoing support across your entire 988 ecosystem.

Download our Crisis Management Playbook to learn much more about 988 and how your state can prepare, starting today.

Developing a Comprehensive, Integrated Behavioral Health Crisis Management System to Close Gaps in Care

Benefits of using our Crisis Management System:

  • Real-time situational awareness and connection to all crisis stakeholders so that crisis call center professionals can quickly connect individuals to care
  • A direct link between crisis call center professionals and mobile crisis response teams for faster patient access to assessment and treatment
  • Reduced administrative burden around manually coordinating and searching for beds at behavioral health facilities and/or tracking appointments for patients
  • Tracking of response steps and time stamps from intake to final disposition so that stakeholders and end users can analyze performance with real-time data and recognize opportunities for improvement

Do you have specific questions about funding options for 988, or how to improve your state’s public health? Request a demo with us to see our technology in action.

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