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Since Bamboo is a recent result of Appriss Health’s acquisition of PatientPing, we haven’t had time to move all of our content to one website. For this specific content, we’re sending you to one of our other sites.

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Welcome to Bamboo Health, formerly Appriss Health + PatientPing.

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Knowledge for Good Webinar: 988 is Live! What’s Next for Behavioral Health Crisis Response

The behavioral health version of 911 launched on July 16th. Now, you can call or text 988 to be connected to regional crisis call centers. In 2020, Congress designated for the three-digit, easy-to-remember code to route to the existing National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, but many see the change as an opportunity to transform how to respond to mental health and substance use crisis. But that transformation has depended on government funding – at the national and state levels.

In this webinar, Bamboo Health’s Senior Director of Government Affairs Vatsala Kapur detailed past, present, and future legislation to support the 988 initiative. In addition, Senior Director of Crisis Solutions Gina Gibson overviewed preparedness for those answering the calls at crisis call centers and how technology solutions can support the crisis response continuum.