Celebrating National Nurses Week with Bamboo Health’s Michele DiOrio, BSN, RN

Celebrating National Nurses Week with Bamboo Health’s Michele DiOrio, BSN, RN

In celebration of National Nurses Week May 6-12 this year, Bamboo Health is proud to have teammates who are nurses. We are lucky they decided to transition to the health technology field, serving in diverse roles in the company. We sat down with Michele DiOrio, BSN, RN, who serves as business development representative.

Q: Thanks for chatting with us today! What led you to pursue nursing?

A: When I was 16 or 17, I decided I did not want to feel like my time spent working was a waste or not beneficial. I thought nursing was a good career and liked the tactile aspect of it. I really liked the fact that every single day, I would learn something new and challenge myself in a unique way. I like to be busy and doing things, so nursing fulfilled that for me. It also allowed me to be around people. I never wanted a career where I was not constantly communicating with others.

Q: What types of nursing and clinical experiences did you have?

A: As a nursing student, I got to rotate through a variety of specialties. After graduating, I found my first job in Nashua, New Hampshire as a medical surgical hematology/oncology nurse. That was the acute care medical surgical space where, as a nurse, you work on the floor with five to eight patients. I decided to move to Boston and transitioned into a more acute medical surgical position. The unit had hematology and oncology patients, but also plastic surgery patients and patients who had undergone neuro and orthopedic surgeries of the spine and bone. I decided to take a break from the bedside, so I used my hematology/oncology background and went to Dana Farber to work as a research nurse (working on phase 1 & phase 2 clinical trials) at the Center for Sarcoma and Bone Oncology. It was cool, but I decided to go back to clinical practice but wanted to focus on more acute and fewer patients with complex needs, so I went to the ICU. We got all kinds of patients, from chronic kidney care disease patients on continue renal replacement therapy, to patients who just had heart surgery or a lung biopsy. Before the pandemic and then once it happened, I decided that bedside nursing was not a sustainable career path for me long-term.

Q: What attracted you to Bamboo Health?

A: I had been looking into jobs like medical device sales or med tech. I saw an opening at Bamboo Health, and as I researched the company, I learned how we are trying to build solutions to help care coordination. I saw that need as a nurse firsthand. I realized I could get what I wanted from a career with growth opportunities but also contribute to that broader problem that will help patients.

Q: How has your background as a nurse helped in your role at Bamboo Health?

A: I have a microscope into the healthcare world. I know what the customers we are talking to are facing, so I feel like I can connect with them in a unique way and drive home the reasons we are doing what we are doing to help in the long term.

Q: What advice would you have for other nurses who are considering a career transition?

A: Learning a new skill set is challenging and seems daunting. But it’s okay. You will learn it and get through it. The challenge will drive you forward. You do have that nursing knowledge to lean on and it has value. Change the narrative in your head. Instead of thinking you cannot do it, create the reasons why you can.

DiOrio received her RN and BSN from the University of New Hampshire.